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The Softbroom Capital of the North, and Premier Highland Vegetable Producer, & Adventure Tourism Paradise of La Union

History of Barangay Apayao

             Long time ago, old folks of Kankanaey tribes from the Province of Benguet and Mountain Province, particularly from Loo, Kapangan and Tadian and Ilacano groups from Pao Sur and Pao Norte of San Fernando, La Union came and inhabit this place.


             The migrants from Benguet and Mountain Province left their region because of the “Buso-buso” tribal war while the Ilocano came to the place to look for better way of living.


These immigrations survived by planting camote, gabi, corn and other root crops. Later, terraces were built where they plant crops. The Kankanaeys call them “Payew” and “Payao” by the Ilocanos. Payew was used as the name of the place because Kankanaey population is bigger but when the place place became a Barangay, officials registered it as Apayao.

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