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Issuance of Building Permit

Building Permit is required prior to construction, erection, alteration, major repair, or renovation or conversion of any building/structure owned by government or private entities, The permit becomes null and void if work does not commence within one year from the date of such permit, or if the building or work is suspended or abandons at any time after it has been commenced for a period of 120 days.

Office or Division:

Office of the Municipal Engineer



Type of Transaction:

G2C- Government to Client

Who may avail:




1.    5  Copies of applicants Forms for Building Permit

–       Engineering Office

2.    7 Copies of Site Development Plan indicating the setback/ yard distances at the front, sides and back with the Perspective.

–       Owner/ Client


3.    6 sets of Building Plans

–       Owner/ Client

4.    5 Copies of Bill of Materials and Cost Estimates

–       Owner/ Client

5.    5 copies of Tech. Specifications Certified true Copy

–       Owner/ Client


6.    5 Copies of Deed of Sale/Lease Contract/ Contract to sell, if the TCT is not in the Name of the Owner/ Applicant.


–       Owner/ Client

7.    1 Copy of Construction Logbook

–       Owner/ Client

8.    2 Copies Zoning Clearance

–       MPDC

9.    2 Copies OF Fire Clearance

–       Office of The Bureau of Fire & Protection

10. 2 Copies Structural Designs Computations with Seismic Analysis which conform to the latest NSTP. For 2 Storey’s and above or 1 storey with                 

                Attic/mezzanine/ roof deck/penthouse.

–       Owner/ Client

11. 2 Copies Plate Load Test Analysis- for 3 stories or 2 storey’s with attic/ mezzanine/roof deck/penthouse.

–       Owner/ Client

12. 2 Copies of Soil Boring Test Result-for 4 Storey’s with attic/mezzanine/roof deck/ penthouse.

–       Owner/ Client











Present the plans and the required supporting document for initial verification of the requirements then receives an endorsement to be submitted to other offices/agencies (i.e. Fire Department, ENRO, DOLE, etc.)

Evaluates the documents presented by the client, if it is complete, make an endorsement to other offices / agencies and issues the endorsement



20 minutes


Draftsman-Engineering Office


Submit the plans and the requires supporting documents and clearances


Receives the documents presented by the client and evaluates and assesses the submitted plans and pertinent documents for compliance with the requirements of the National Building Code, referral codes, laws and ordinances.



1 hour

Mun. Engineer or Draftsman-Engineering Office


Applicants receives the Order Payment

Issues Order of Payment


40 minutes

Mun. Engineer or Draftsman-Engineering Office


Proceed to the Municipal Treasurer’s Office (MTO) for payments of required fees and receive the Official Receipt (OR)


Receives the payment and issues the Official Receipt (OR)


Fee= P 4.80/sq. m

10 minutes

Admin Aide IV/ Revenue Collection Clerk III


Submit the Official Receipt (OR)

Receives the Official Receipts


10 minutes

Draftsman-Engineering Office



Processes the Plans and pertinent documents for final approval of Municipal Engineer.


10 minutes

Draftsman-Engineering Office


Claim the approved permit after one day of the Official Receipt (OR)

Issues the Building Permit


10 minutes

Draftsman-Engineering Office


Total2 Hours and 40 Minutes

1.    Bases of Assessment

a.    Character of occupancy or use of building/structure

b.    Cost of Construction

c.    Floor Area

d.    Height

2.    Regardless of the type of construction, the cost of construction of any building/ structure for the purpose of assessing the corresponding fees shall be based on the following:

           On Fixed Cost of Construction Per Sq. meter



All cities and Municipalities

A, B,C, D, E, F, G, H,I




P 8,000

P 6,00





3.    Construction/ Addition/ renovation/ alteration/ of buildings/structures under Group/s and Sub-divisions shall be assessed as follows:

        3.1 Division A-1

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