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Appraisal and Assessment of Real Properties and Issuance of Tax Declaration for Transfer of Ownership

The service provides the property owners to transfer their real properties and have their own Tax Declaration.

Office or Division:

Municipal Assessor Office


Highly Technical

Type of Transaction:

G2C, G2B, G2G

Who may avail:

Real property owners & Attorneys-in-fact



Letter Request of the Vendor and Vendee, Donor and Donee, and Heirs

(1 Original)

Real property owner, Vendor, Vendee, Donor, Donee and Heirs

Duly Registered Deed of Absolute Sale, Deed of Donation

And Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate (2 Original copies)

Notary Public

Register of Deeds, City of San Fernando La Union

Certification of Authorizing Registration

(1 Original copy)

Bureau of Internal Revenue, City of San Fernando La Union

Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration provincial copy (1 original copy)

Provincial Assessor Office, City of San Fernando La Union

Official Receipt of Transfer Fee

(1 Original copy)

Provincial Assessor Office, City of San Fernando La Union

Tax Receipt or Certification of Tax Payment (1 Original or Photocopy)

Municipal Treasury Office

Special Power of Attorney(1 Original copy)

Notary Public

Endorsement of the Municipal Assessor(1 Original copy)

Municipal Assessor Office, San Gabriel






1.    Register in the Visitor Logbook of the office

1.    Give the logbook to the client and assist them


5 minutes

Admin Aide IV-Assessor Office


2.    Submit the required documents for transfer and return after 20 days

2.1 Receive the documents and check the given requirements on the Checklist of Requirements for Transfer.

2.2. Process the documents and prepare Field Appraisal and Assessment Sheet using the iTAX system

2.3. Verify the records of the Tax Declaration for transfer

2.4. Draw the actual sketch based on the Tax Map

2.5. Check the old Property identification No.

2.6. Prepare for the Endorsement of the transactions

2.7. Sort the documents

2.8. Forward to the Municipal Assessor for review and signature

2.9. Submit the documents to the provincial Office for approval



5 Minutes





































Admin Aide IV

Municipal Assessor





































3.    Wait for the approval of the Transfer of Ownership

3. The provincial office will check and verify the submitted transactions

3.1 Forward to the Provincial Assessor for approval


3.2  Follow-up the transaction if it is already approved

3.3 Get the Approved Documents


20 days

Provincial Assessor Office









Municipal Assessor

Admin Aide IV-

Assessor Office

4.    After 20 days return to the Municipal Assessor Office to follow-up the transfer of ownership of the property. And fill-up the request form

4. Verify and check the incoming transaction and approved owners copy if the transactions are approved

4.1 Issue Request form for payment


30 minutes


5.    Pay the revision fee at the Municipal Treasury Office

5.1.  Accept the payment based on the request form

5.2. Issue the Official Receipt

Revision fee -100.00/ transactions

30 minutes

Admin Aide IV

Admin Aide III

Treasury Office

6.    Return to the Municipal Assessor Office to get the documents


6.1. Sign the Releasing logbook

6. Check the Official Receipt attached along with the new Tax declaration and Notice of assessment

6.1 Record the for release documents 

6.2 Release the documents


30 minutes

Admin Aide IV,

-Assessor Office



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